Trompe L’oeil Cosmetiques studio was created in Corona del Mar, Ca. by Jill Markowicz in 1995. After having a long running and successful career in the Newport Beach area Jill decided to open her own studio in order to bring to her clients an atmosphere and standard of service she felt they would appreciate. The intention of the studio is to bring high quality services to clients as well as unique products and gifts to purchase. With a background in art history, drawing and painting, she felt the name Trompe L’oeil was perfect for her concept. It is a French art term that literally translates to “deceive the eye.” The studio moved to it’s current location in Newport Beach in 2005.



The general philosophy of Trompe L’oeil Cosmetiques is to achieve maximum, complimentary results with a minimalist’s approach. A “less is more” attitude when applied to make up design or eyebrow shaping. The goal is to enhance a persons natural beauty, not to disguise it. Only a true artist can see a person objectively enough to accomplish this. When it comes to your face, a recommended professional should always be the choice. Especially eyebrows since they often don’t grow back after a mistake has been made. That is a high price to pay and never worth a “bargain price.”

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