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Make up lesson: A technique to create a “signature look” for each person. One that reflects who they are style-wise and internally. The goal is to enhance your beauty and maximize radiance using minimal product and effort.

Make up application: A much more creative approach that only a professional artist should attempt. The goal is to combine the occasion with the outfit and apply it realistically to your personality. The result is a “miniature painting” that soon becomes more important than the clothes.

Make up consultation: A service designed for clients that have already had a make up lesson at Trompe L’oeil and need to update their colors with minimal instruction. Usually seasonal but is also for anyone who is in a make up rut.

Eyebrow shaping: Our approach to eyebrows is to retain the clients natural shape while creating a perfect arch. We want to create a look that allows the client the lowest maintenance possible and yet give them an uplifting look. This can be done with wax or by tweezing.

Men’s eyebrow shaping: “Less is more” is definitely true when shaping a man’s eyebrows. They should never appear to have been “done” but open up his eyes and look well groomed.

Eyebrow tinting: To enhance the eyebrows naturally either through lightening or slightly darkening them. This can really make the eyes pop.

Eyelash tinting: To darken naturally light eyelashes that don’t show up without mascara. This procedure doesn’t thicken lashes but will add contrast to either minimize mascara application or eliminate it altogether.

Lip, chin and facial waxing: The removal of unwanted facial hair with the gentlest wax available.

Wedding Makeup: A bride should look like herself on her wedding day but polished. The photos should look timeless so she can always look back and feel good about how she looked on such an important day. Brides should stand out and be radiant but never overdone and trendy. We all remember those 1960’s wedding photos!

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